The Columbia River Fishing Guide For Salmon Steelhead And Sturgeon  



Sturgeon Fishing

     The Columbia River Fishing Guide and Outfitters is a world class Columbia river Willamette river sturgeon fishing guide service. The Columbia River has the worlds largest population sturgeon just waiting to fill your day with intense action throughout your trip. Legal size "keepers" are 38"-54" inches from tip of the nose to V of the tail and a Sturgeon catch of 18 to 40 fish per day is common.

     Brandon's Guide service guides on the Columbia river for Sturgeon throughout the year from the mouth of the Columbia river in Astoria to Hood River in the Gorge. We find these fish wherever they are on their migration through the Columbia River. It is great fun with lots of action!!! Fishing statistics are simply staggering, catching several Sturgeon per day, over 100lbs in weight is to be expected between May and September.

     The White Sturgeon is a hard fighting fish, averaging 300lbs, and often jumps repeatedly when hooked. On a good day, you are only limited to how many you can catch by how many you can reel in! Huge and prehistoric are adjectives to describe this American Expedition for the Oregon sturgeon. These exciting game fish can get up to 15+ feet in length and age as much as 100 years.



Oversized Sturgeon

     "Oversize" Sturgeon are the big boys!!! These Magnificent Monsters are a fish of a life time. There is not many places in the world you can catch a fish this BIG!! An Oversized Sturgeon is 7 to 12 Foot and weigh 150 to 1000 lbs. There is nothing in the world like having a 400 lb fish that is over 10 foot long come completely out of the water and shake his head then go back down for another 100 yard run. These fights can take over an hour before you get them into the boat.
We target the beast when the shad are running which we catch and use for bait during May through Aug. So be ready for a workout. Our Oversized Sturgeon Guide trips are on the Columbia River from Portland Oregon to Bonneville Dam.




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